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To do our part in preventing the spread of the COVID- 19 we have the following WCB protocols in place.

Social distancing will be in place- Maintaining  a safe distance of 2 meters apart for team members and & customers.

Employees are supplied with the necessary (PPE) personal protective equipment- Non medical masks , disposable gloves & hand sanitizer.

While providing our cleaning services we would prefer that if anyone is home they isolate in a separate room for the duration of the cleaning.

You will need to reschedule if anyone in you household  has any illness related to the Covid-19 or if anyone in your home has been in contact with a with a confirmed case of of Covid-19.

Please inform us if anyone in your home has recently traveled outside of Canada or out of our province or if you have any quests visiting  from outside of Canada.

We Clean .You Relax. Simple

To book simply call:  250 808 1264 OR  Email: service@pickyhomecleaners.com

About Picky Home Cleaners

Picky Home Cleaners provides high quality cleaning services using products that are Environmentally friendly, Family friendly & Pet friendly.

As a reputable cleaning company renowned for its high-quality services we believe that what makes us outstanding in the cleaning industry is that we have found how to keep the perfect balance between maintaining customer satisfaction on one hand, and how to be an unbeatable cleaning services provider on the other. We clean all homes, big & small, with consistent quality service and attention to detail. We are professional, friendly & reliable, Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Choose your very own Cleaning Package!

If you’re considering a regular cleaning service, we highly recommend starting with our  PKG # 2 DETAILED DELUXE CLEANING first. This gives us the opportunity to get your home sparkling clean on our first visit, and then it’s simply maintenance after that.

We use Organic and Natural cleaning products

We are fully Licensed, Insured and Bondable & covered by Work Safe BC

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